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Types of Power of Attorney UK

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Types of Power of Attorney UK

  • The first type of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is for matters relating to your property and financial affairs. This would be someone you trust to manage your bank account, bills and property on your behalf. 
  • The second kind of LPA is for health and welfare. This is required if you are incapable of making decisions concerning your healthcare and medical requirements. Your chosen trusted person will make decisions in your best interest. 
  • You most likely will not require both kinds of Lasting Power of Attorney setting up. However, it will certainly provide you and your loved one’s peace of mind to include at least one. 

 What is Lasting Power of Attorney?

We are all used to making decisions for ourselves, but what happens if it becomes difficult or impossible for you to make your own choices through ill health or after an accident.

For example, it is an unfortunate fact that 1 in 3 people over 65 die with dementia. Whatever your age is, it is important to consider your future. Take time now to grant Lasting Power of Attorney to someone you trust.

Being prepared will give you and your family peace of mind, like many people you may assume that a family member will automatically be able to make decisions for you. Be that partner, spouse, son or daughter, but this simply is not true unless you have Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

Your family does not have the right to make decisions on your behalf without Lasting Power of Attorney. Decisions that do not reflect your wishes may be made about your finances, like where you live and the care that you receive. Your family members may then have to go to court to get the legal authority to act on your behalf which can be stressful and very expensive.

How we can help

Fortunately, the team at Trustmark Law can help you to put in place your Lasting Power of Attorney to cover many different types of decisions from health and welfare to property and finances. By getting Lasting Power of Attorney, you are formally choosing someone who would be given the right to make specific decisions on your behalf, if you need help or lose the ability to make decisions for yourself.

You will also be talking to the people you trust about what you really want in the future. So, they will know your wishes when the time comes. Make sure you protect your property and the ones you love and the team at Trustmark Law are happy to help.

Types of Power of Attorney in The UK

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